Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Not Barbra's Turn After All

Barbra Streisand’s reported Gypsy film isn’t gonna happen. There will be no Grandma Rose.

I was indifferent to the idea when I first heard rumblings---though I was amused by the idea of Laurents, Sondheim and Streisand in a room together discussing the idea. Oh...the personalities.

In an interview, Laurents gives the blame to Sondheim for the project's halting:

"He said, 'What is the point of it?' And I said, 'They have this terrible version with Rosalind Russell wearing those black and white shoes.' And then Sondheim told me something that he got from the British -- and it's wonderful. He said, 'You want a record because the theater is ephemeral. But that's wrong. The theater's greatest essence is that it is ephemeral. You don't need a record. The fact that it's ephemeral means you can have different productions, different Roses on into infinity.'
"So I don't want it now. I don't want a definitive record. I want it to stay alive."
I think a more honest reason might have been:

“I just don’t want her to do it. I already gave her her own "I'm Still Here" and a bridge for "Send in the Clowns". Can you imagine what she'll want done to Gypsy if she gets her hands on Mama Rose?"
….but what do I know? Fortunately, we do have records of no less than seven top-notch Mama Roses.

Which Actress Is Your Quintessential Mama Rose?

Frank Rizzo broke the story here.

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